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Family trip to a pretty place called Yamba

Last week, we set off on our first family holiday in 4 1/2 years. This time, we had a little munchkin in the back seat with us.


Let’s not talk about the 4 hour drive getting there.


Our destination: Angourie Rainforest Resort, situated in a pretty little seaside town called Yamba, in New South Wales.


Yup, it’s set in a rainforest. Yamba has some of the most beautiful natural beauty I’ve come across in my travels throughout the Eastern coast of Australia and I found it hugely inspiring; with an inner urge to paint oozing up from within me. Having left all my art materials at home, I dabbled in the next best creative thing – Photography!

2012-10-15 20.19

The beaches and rocky coastline were truly gorgeous. Walking along them, I found fossilised tree trunks, beautiful layers of coloured sediment and patterns, as well as these strange consecutive circular features in the stone that I’m still unable to identify, but they could be natural or ancient man-made line work.

concentric circles_sm

The pub meals were giant and delicious with views out into the Pacific, where whales put on a special show for us as we ate our steak and beer-battered chips. 9091ea48169711e290351231380fe56d_7

Mmmm. Mushroom gravy.

We often finished our afternoons off at the beach, where I found these gorgeous gnarly tree roots embedded in the sand like a natural rainbow.


We also took a day trip inland, to Grafton, which was about to celebrate their Jacaranda Festival. Everywhere I looked were these grand trees boasting their deliciously delicate purple petals.


Jacaranda trees are such an icon in Grafton and no doubt a huge inspiration for local artists. One of my favourite pieces at the Grafton Regional Gallery was this giant wrought iron chair feature, painted purple to match the trees.


Back in Yamba, our sandcastle-making had to be cut short one afternoon due to this ominous beast, which began rolling in … fast.

yamba storm_sm

It barely amounted to much more than some lovely rain and a bit of thunder, but it’s one of my favourite shots from the trip. So moody and broody.

I’m yet to download the pics off my snazzy digital SLR camera - these ones here are all off my phone - so be pre-warned that there may be another snap-happy post to come again sometime soon.

In the meantime, I’ll leave you with two of my favourite photos from the trip – My little family xx

me and jeffy_sm  maxie and jeffy

Love C x

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