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Fashion collaboration using my fabrics!

My cousin Tash recently introduced me to a mega-talented fashion designer, who happens to live across the road from her. Tash was washing up in the kitchen and looked out her window to see a giant shed full of amazing handmade and vintage garments. Succumbing to lust and a healthy dose of window stalking, cous toddled over to Leearna’s house one afternoon to finally check out what on earth was going on in this lady’s shed-o-goodness.

Here, she discovered and drooled over Leearna’s gorgeous vintage-inspired fashion label, Blossom Betty.


Savoir Faire Perth Fashion Week – Blossom Betty

Isn’t this little suit divine! It’s hand-printed fabric too. Arrrgh ~ Just genius!

Anyway, the very next day, my cousin Tash rings me to order some of my fabric, as she had a dream that night about a custom Blossom Betty dress in my fabrics, for an upcoming event in Sydney. I had the pleasure of meeting Leearna that afternoon and with my cousin, our creative juices got going as we collaborated on some ideas for a dress – Here’s some loose ideas …

Blossom Betty_swatches

The actual dress will be a little different to this gorgeous Blossom Betty piece, but it will be using these two fabrics together in a similar fashion. The top fabric will be the main bodice fabric with handmade binding and feature accents using the bottom fabric, throughout the dress.

Here’s a close-up of the fabric pattern features from above …

blossom betty_swatches close up

Artwork (left) Caretta Caretta & Undulating Flourishside (right)

Oh my, I cannot WAIT to see how this turns out! Seriously! I have butterflies just thinking about it. So excited!

Needless to say, I will keep you posted, for sure … YAY!

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