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Sometimes, you gotta give back

I’m beginning to realise the truth in that age old saying, you only get what you give. It’s true, anytime I have given freely and openly from the heart, it’s always come back to me with abundance. The proof is in my life and all the wonderful people I have in it.

But for me, it’s more than that. Giving feels good, doesn’t it? I mean, if there’s something you’re wonderful at or love doing, why wouldn’t you want to share it? That’s always been the driving force behind my work, to share what I love to do. It’s what keeps me going and what fills my heart with gratitude and allows me to feel I’m making a difference in people’s lives.

beauty within_etsy

Everybody has their low times, myself included, but the trick is that there’s always someone around who has an open heart at the same time. ALWAYS. In tough times, it’s about letting yourself receive, so that you’re allowing others the gift of giving.

This week I heard about a young Mum who has to get surgery for a brain tumour. Vanessa’s friends have banded together to help her raise the massive funds (like, $80, ooo) to pay for her treatment – you can find a link here on facebook . I’m donating this artwork (above) to be auctioned off to help raise money. So far this week, there’s already been over $11, ooo raised for her. Gosh people have the capacity for amazingness.

So anyway, in an effort to be more giving and appreciate what I already do have in my life, I’d also like to treat you to 10% off in my etsy shop, forevermore, just to say thanks for being here. If you’d like to take advantage of the discount, just pop over to my shop here and enter THANKYOU10 at the checkout when you’ve finished shopping.

A little slice of love, from me.

I hope you have a wonderful rest-of-your-week.

Love C xx

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