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My Creative Week

This week has seen a number of new creative projects begin to bubble and boil over into reality.

I received some new organic cotton sateen fabric in the post for our upcoming fashion collaboration ~ Here’s the fabrics and the dress they’ll be made into


A new store opening soon in Singapore has requested some of my artsy goodies for their shop, including these mini prints


KitChenKitChenFun is having a sale on their washi tapes. As if I need coaxing to grow my collection! Patterned tape, you had me at ‘Hello’ …


That print you can see in the background behind the tapes is a newbie I’ve just added to my Etsy shop, called ‘Transforming My Fear’. I’ve been busily printing out lots of artsy items for the upcoming BrisStyle Eco Market next Saturday. This one will be showcased for the first time at the market! Oh and by the way, all my open edition prints are now $25! Yay!


My nieces and nephews were playing dress ups for Halloween and I couldn’t help putting this gorgeous dragon costume on my little man … So cute! He started walking this week too, it’s been great and busy!


I‘ve been doing a lot of soul searching this last week or so and I’ve been working on this new artwork to process my emotions. I finished it yesterday but still haven’t decided on a title yet. I’m thinking ‘New Tides’ or something similar. Will upload better pics when I get my new scanner next week! Wahoo!!


October was Breast Cancer Awareness week, so I took my Mum along to a fundraiser morning tea, where I donated a print to help raise funds for a friend at work who is recovering secondary cancer.


My Mum’s sister had a breast removed years back, so I felt great to be able to give assistance to someone who needed it during their recovery.

Finally, I received this artwork as part of a swapsie collaboration with Brisbane artist, Tracey Fletcher King. I painted a tea pot for her and sent Tracey pics of the process, which she then, in turn, painted for me!


I borrowed this image from Tracey’s facebook page, I’m sure she won’t mind, she’s an awesome kinda gal!

I hope you had a great, creative week too.

C xx

New prints!

Fashion collaboration using my fabrics!