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New Mixed Media Artworks

It’s been my plan to get into these new paints over my Christmas break. With the family get-togethers and festivities now over, it’s been lovely just sitting around reading, sleeping and painting.


Here’s the first artwork I started working on with my new paints and inks …


It’s called ‘Beyond Boundaries’ and it's a story about love for my Husband and being there for each other through the good times and the bad; trusting that with every challenge, we grow stronger and more understanding of each other and life.


‘Beyond Boundaries’ Acrylic, ink, marker, pen and crayon on paper, 21 X 29 cms December 2012.

This next artwork is one of my new all time faves!

Meet ‘Stargazing’:


‘Stargazing’. Acrylic, pen, ink and crayon on board. December 2012.

I wanted to paint a newfound feeling of letting myself go into possibility. It’s specifically about My Art and allowing my work to take the most loving, beautiful path to reach the perfect people. There’s surrender, hope and the power of the Universe in this piece. A real treat to create!

In other news I got some new MOO cards in the post! They feature my most popular and some new faves on the front and they’ll be packaged with each of my sales in the New Year when I re-open my shop. There’s also a discount code card that will accompany every sale too! YAY!


Finally, I’ve been having a bit of pamper time. My latest fad is painting my nails – The pic below is what I created when I ran out of boards to paint on, so I painted a galaxy on my nails instead! And, I got my hair done. Yay!


I hope you’re having a great festive season. See you in 2013!!

Love C x

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