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The postman came with radness!

I’ve had a few key ideas running around in my head for eons now which have finally come to fruition. And all at once, it seems! YAY!

Thanks to Mr Postman, I celebrated Valentine’s Day with a squeal of delight - My new artsy goodies had come back from the printers! For the first time I got to see my new art card designs in the flesh … I had the idea to put my art into hand-drawn frames when I revamped my website recently, so it was great to see they’ve turned out looking pretty snazzy! compiled_sm

I haven’t gotten around to photographing them individually for my shop yet, but I’ll get around to it in the next couple of days. In the meantime, these crappy pics will have to do…


My second squee of delight came when I got my delicious new business cards in the post. They’re through Moo and you can upload up to 25 different designs to be printed in equal amounts for your business cards. I thought this was a great way to showcase a selection of my work and people can choose a card that speaks to them. Aren’t they rad?!

business cards_sm

In other news I’ve photographed and uploaded a bunch of new stuff into my etsy shop, such as my fabric canvasses …


And a few smaller, more affordable original artworks, like this one I just finished today, called ‘Your Kiss’.

your kiss_etsy

It’s an artwork inspired by my Husband. Strangely enough, we kissed and the whole artwork vision emerged in my mind, so I had to paint it! The two little Willy Wagtails represent us both - The one on the branch is me and the one in flight is my hubby, representing all the times he's uplifted me and reminded me to look up.

your kiss_etcydetail

The original is avaialble here

Whether or not you celebrate Valentine’s Day, I hope your day had some loveliness to it!


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