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My Pop-Up Exhibition is on Today! Hooray!

Finally the day has come! My Pop-Up Exhibition at Nook is my first markety shin-dig since 2010 and I couldn’t be more excited! I love connecting with my customers and it’s something I’ve really missed since being pregnant and having a baby. The face-to-face contact with real-life human is something that technology can never replace!

So I’m at my computer with bub this morning, unable to see the sun as yet (he wakes up before the sparrows - quite literally), but I’m assured the forecast is for a beautiful, 26°C sunshiney day. The car is packed and I’m ready to rumble … What more could you ask for to celebrate an outdoor show? YAY!

Here’s a little sneak peek of what I’ll be exhibiting today if you’re in the lovely bohemian inner Brissie suburb of West End, between 10 and 2pm today …

Original artworks on paper, mini artworks, pretty handmade notebooks …

webBLOG_sm AA_minis_250 AA_notebook_250

Designer art fabrics, fabric wrapped canvasses …

 AAfabrics_250  AAfabric canvasses_250

Brand new sticker sets, artsy greeting cards (blank inside) …


Lots of mixed media originals and of course, a plethora of fine art prints …


And lots more!

Hope you can make it, the facebook event info is here

Hooray! C xx

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