Hi, I'm Chrissy

Intuitive Artist + Teacher 

New mixed media artwork ~ 'Now and Then'

Like most people, I go through stages of contentment and other times of looking ahead to towards my dreams and wishes for the future. I do try not to get too stuck in the future as I know it so easily zaps what's working in the now, but on the other hand, beating myself up for lingering there too long isn't helpful either!


 'Now and Then'. Acrylic and watercolour on heavyweight card. 2012

 So, this artwork, 'Now and Then', is an ode to giving myself a bit more leg room, making it okay to just do my best with what I have, and what I'd like to have, in my life. I think in reality, being gentle is the kindest way to treat myself, rather than trying to be like a zen monk and be perfect all the time.


This little artwork is over in my madeit shop if you'd like to take a better look.

Love, C xx

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