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New painted object - Poppy painted plate

I found a pretty china plate in an op shop recently. The lovely, floaty edges really reminded me of soft petals, so I decided on a floral revamp. Being quite the multi-tasking-Mumma these days, I knelt on the floor near my Bubba to keep him happy, while I stretched up to chest level at my studio art table to draw the flowery outline.

Dinner, bath and bedtime later, I returned to my studio to complete the piece, called 'My Poppie'

I'm always a little surprised by the way my art turns out - it so often has hidden meaning inside it that I don't even realise until afterwards. This piece is no exception - Hubby and I have been discussing recently whether to have more children, and if we did and had a girl, we'll call her Poppie.

I must admit, as much as I adore the pants off my little guy Max, I would also love to have a little girl, to plait her hair and dress her in mismatching funky patterned outfits. But more than that, to have a relationship with her like I have with my Mumma, a feeling and connection that only a Mother and Daughter can share.

So, we'll see. Not yet, but someday maybe. We're going through teething at the moment, so one bubba is enough for now!

'My Poppie' is over in my Madeit store if you'd like to see more pretty pics.

Love C xx

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