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My June in pictures (and some words)

So, we’ve actually passed the middle of 2012. Gone. Where?! To remind me, I did in fact spend it well, here’s some pics of the last month via my newest camera fetish, Instagram.

Blue skies and yummy food (I’m trying to be a bit healthier of late ~ my usual veggie intake has made way for thick crusty bread and lots of it)

IMG_20120630_133036 IMG_20120701_120649

Presenting our Mum with a blown up canvas print … and drinking my new favourite cider, Rekorderlig (sooo good!)

IMG_20120622_114949 IMG_20120623_194924

Catching candid moments like these (kids and animals make the best surprises)

IMG_20120621_152212 IMG_20120626_160929

Winning not one, but two different art print competitions from Little Canoe + Art Buds, plus buying myself this lovely little pendant from Banana Orange Apple

IMG_20120627_162640  IMG_20120629_153349

And finally, buying myself these and making these

IMG_20120622_163834  IMG_20120629_163345

Spent pretty well, don’t you think? (although seeing that cider makes me want some and it’s before 11am). Are you on Instagram too? If you’d love to connect, you can find me at @artbychrissyforemanc

Love C xx

My festive week

Starry Starry Love ~ Hand-painted Plate