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New artwork – Come Home

I have a friend with a little boy the same age as my baby Max. She’s recently had to deal with her husband’s work drying up and as a result, he’s had to take work interstate to pay the bills for the family. Her story really touched my heart, so I thought I’d work through my feelings with a painting …

Come home_etsy

‘Come Home’ is what eventuated; a pocket-sized artwork which captures the everlasting love that outlasts any distance between couples.

come home_etsy detail 

I’ve used some fabric in this one, layered over acrylic paint, markers, tissue paper and metallic pens.

When I look at it, I see a feminine peacock, holding together the world in her mind as she nurtures a baby beside her. You might see something else entirely!

It’s over here in my shop if you’d like to take a looksy

Love C xx

Time Lapse of New artwork ~ ‘Prism Painting’

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