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Time Lapse of New artwork ~ ‘Prism Painting’

I’ve always wanted to do a time lapse of a painting … I started by taking a pic every 5 minutes, but as usual, the devil is in the detail, so I’ve just picked out the noticeable visual progress here for y’all.

prism progress 7 prism progress 8

prism process4 prism process3

prism process2 prism process1

It’s called ‘Prism Painting’ … an artwork inspired by the rainbow shards of light that flicker across my bedroom walls at a certain special time every afternoon. Every time I see them, they remind me that little pockets of magic exists everywhere, when we only take a moment to stop and appreciate the small things in life.

prism painting_etsy1

I’ve used some iridescent medium to make it look all sparkly and a little bit intergalactic even.

prism painting_etsy detail2

I seem to be a little obsessed with space at the moment. The way that the colours go KAPOW against the dark background is just so inspiring and mesmerising fore me … So much so that when I went out for my first girls night boogie in two years this weekend, here’s the outfit I came up with …

Intergalactic Peacock July 2012_sm cropped

Peacocks and galaxy print? YES PLEASE! Sultry, yes. Serious? No. Glamorous location? Definitely not. Fun? Hell yeah!  xx

‘Prism Painting’ is available in my shop here.

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