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My Life on a Tea Pot ~ New hand painted object

 Moments Personal Tea Pot 2012 006_sm

Moments Personal Tea Pot 2012 015_sm

Moments Personal Tea Pot 2012 014_sm

Moments Personal Tea Pot 2012 007_sm

Moments Personal Tea Pot 2012 017_sm








I love this tea pot. Each scallop represents a different element of my life. They may seem separate, yet they are all interconnected by tiny symbols and colour harmonies.

Lessons. Study. Birth. Marriage. Calm times. Tough times. Travel. My Son. My Family. My Art. My Inner Sunshine. My Dreams.

All in the one place. A Tea Pot of My Life, called ‘Moments’

It’s part of a collaboration with fellow Brisbane artist Tracey Fletcher King. She gets the tea pot, I get a beautiful drawing of the process pics I’ve taken along the way, drawn by Tracey. I’ll keep you posted with where we go from here.

Love C x

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Time Lapse of New artwork ~ ‘Prism Painting’