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New artwork ~ ‘Love Like Dandelions’

You know, one of the things they rarely tell you about becoming a parent is the giant impact it has on your life and relationships as you’ve always known them. Our little man is coming up to a year old soon and to be honest, both Hubby and I have struggled from time to time to adjust. Often, we’re both so exhausted and dealing with our own issues that there’s not much left over for ‘us’ time … and as a result, we’d been drifting apart a bit lately.

Sometimes, though, I think you need these times in relationships. Time to drift apart and come back together anew. The important thing is to trust the process and trust each other and to trust the strength of your relationship. So, right in the thick of it, in pain and unsureness, I created this artwork, titled ‘Love Like Dandelions’.

Love Like Dandelions_etsy

‘Love Like Dandelions’. Metallic pens, watercolour, marker, vintage lace, tissue paper and paint pen on paper. August 2012

I’ve really worn my heart on my sleeve with this artwork and let it all out on the paper; all the emotions I’ve experienced during this time.

Love Like Dandelions_etsy detail2

There is sorrow, there is grief, there is growth, but most of all, there is movement ... and we know that this time too, shall pass, like the floaty, feathery seeds of a dandelion, blowing in the breeze. They too shall land and create new life in new lands. Together.

Love Like Dandelions_etsy detail1

It’s been a while since I added a new print to my shop, so I’m excited about sharing this one with you as I’m sure we’ve all experienced times like these. You can find it in my Etsy and Madeit shops.

Love C x

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