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Delicious new fabrics for my cushions!

I’ve received my first run of cushion fabrics, and I couldn’t be happier! The organic cotton sateen is just gorgeous to touch and the crisp, smooth white base shows the artwork detail really beautifully.

Aquatic Soul Dance fabric ~

cushion fabrics 008_sm

cushion fabrics 016_sm  cushion fabrics 015_ 

Make Time For Yourself  fabric ~

cushion fabrics 001_sm

cushion fabrics 019_sm

To begin with I’ve ordered twelve panels of each artwork, ready to be made into 16 inch cushions. I also got a metre of quilting weight cotton fabric using a mirror repeat pattern of my Aquatic Soul Dance design, to see how it looks together.

cushion fabrics 030_sm

At this stage I’m thinking I’ll back both cushion designs with turquoise fabric …

PicMonkey Collage_cushions

Such exciting times ahead!

cushion fabrics 021_


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