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These last few weeks have been pretty epic. In just two short weeks, I’ve found a contractor to make my long awaited fabric art cushions, celebrated my son’s first birthday, met and lost my dear little nephew, Oliver, at 23 weeks in utero, attended his funeral, and completed a pretty new commissioned logo artwork.

AQUATIC SOULD DANCE_cushion panel_sm




It’s amazing how tragedy can bring out the best in us. It’s been an incredibly humbling experience in all; just being there for my family has allowed my heart to open and embrace life in all its complexities, to push past my own boundaries and reach out to my loved ones in times of need, in ways I never thought I’d be strong enough to.

I’m so grateful for this lesson and this time in my life. You just never know what’s around the corner, so we can only make the most of what we have now. That’s a beautiful lesson in my books. Rest In Peace little Oliver Sidney Foreman.

C xx

Our family photo shoot

New artwork ~ ‘PND’ (My journey in Post Natal Depression)