Hi, I'm Chrissy

Intuitive Artist + Teacher 

Why I do what I do …

I grew up as the youngest child with two older brothers, a Mum and Dad in a middle-class family. Ever since I can remember, I was drawing, painting, sewing, crafting or colouring in something. Creating has always made me feel alive, I felt it was a way for me to share.

Being ‘arty’ was something that was an added bonus, but being a ‘kind person’ was what was important as I was growing up. Art and creativity wasn’t something to be valued other than a nice hobby or way to spend my time. And that was okay, it allowed me to remain playful.

Let's make dreams together_ETSY

‘Let’s Make Dreams Together’

In early adulthood, I decided to humour my creative side and enrol in a tertiary art course. I told myself that, if nothing else, I would spend a year doing what I love and if nothing ‘job-wise’ came of it, it’d be a year well spent.

And it was.

That was twelve years ago and I’m so grateful for my humble beginnings. But lately I’ve been thinking more deeply about what it is that makes me want to make art. I could say it’s because it feels good to me … Or that it’s a ‘buzz’ when someone connects with my work or finds it beautiful … or that I can’t switch the drive to create off, even if I wanted to.

May 2012 031_etsy detail 2

‘Now and Then’

It is these things, but it’s also more than that. I’ve realised, I most want to create in order to uplift people. I create so that others can connect with the feelings and moments in my work that make being human such a rich and vulnerable experience. To me, being an artist is being of service. It may be, to some extent, about creating pretty pictures, but that only scratches the surface for me.

My life choices have allowed me to feel the depths of being human and to portray these moments through my work. I create not only to uplift and inspire, but more than anything, to let people know this:

You are okay, just as you are.

Be Gentle On Yourself_with border_ETSY

‘Be Gentle on Yourself’

So many people hide the parts of themselves they feel won’t be accepted by others, myself included. I’ve made it a point in recent years, especially since becoming a Mother, to be honest and vulnerable with my work, not only to heal myself in the process, but to let people know ‘I’m a person and I feel amazing sometimes and crap sometimes, just like you do.’

I honestly feel that my work has increased in depth, maturity and service as a result; and I’ve learned that the deepest parts of myself are beautiful, even when they’re painful. I’ve learned that both my achievements and my struggles are all worthy subject matter, because they let other’s know that it’s okay to feel how we feel.

I have learned we’re not ‘good’ when we’re happy and ‘bad’ when we’re down. It’s all part of life, it always shifts and moves and there’s always a beautiful gem of insight inside each moment and experience.

little treasures diagonal etsy

‘Little Treasures’

So next time you see a new piece of my work, know that behind the beauty is the desire to enable you and others to accept and love yourself exactly as you are and to know how amazing this can feel. If this is my only gift to the world, I honestly feel like I’ve lived a life worth living, because I’ve touched someone in a way that makes them feel safe and understood.

Love, Chrissy x

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