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After my recent retreat, I've been looking at the world a little differently. My new mantra is simple:

To live my life authentically.

By authentically, I mean having the courage to be truly awesome to my own heart. Each moment, decision by decision, I'm choosing to keep a smidgeon of awareness within, to see if how I'm living feels true for me. If it doesn't, I can choose again. Simple, yet powerfully affirming stuff.

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This kind of awareness has flowed into how I live my life as an Artist and in service through my business. It's funny how we live with ourselves 24/7, but can be blind to our own unique attributes. 

Recently I realised that my Art classes were a place of bliss for people to come along to {thank you Coral for your gorgeous post about my class} and this feels perfect for me, because of my background in Art therapy and Teaching. It's a comfortable, exciting fit.

I'd much prefer to create a beautiful, nurturing space to make dynamic, meaningful and authentic Art than to teach a step-by-step 'do-this, do-that' kind of class. There's enough rules in the world. Art should be our chance to feel free.

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So as of today, I decided my Art classes will run a little differently.

From hereon in, my classes are about living and creating authentically.

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Look at these beautiful marks, made using fingers, thumbs and natural objects. To me, beautiful Art is all about being honest. 

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Imagine if making Art was all about experimenting freely. Trying on new ideas. Finding what speaks to our hearts. And being truly supported to express who we really are.

How could that feel? 

Photo 19-10-13 3 54 30 PM_515.jpg

Imagine if it was more important to express ourselves without judgement, than to get it all 'right'. How would you paint?

Photo 19-10-13 3 57 43 PM_515.jpg

Imagine stepping outside of how you've always lived safely and take a new path instead. Where could you go? 

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We'd go beyond who we thought we were, and into who we choose to become.

There's a much greater sense of possibility in living authentically than there ever could be hiding from who we fear we might never become. 

As every new painting unfolds, I meet a new version of myself, which is scary and heart-flutteringly beautiful ... a feeling more beautiful than I thought I deserved or was able to achieve, but I now feel it regularly. And all it took, was for me to commit to being present - with me - and breathe it to being, in paint.

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I'd love you to join me


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