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One of the reasons I adore making Art, is that it gives me insights into new, emerging parts of myself. After I finish every painting, I stand back and look at the overall image and more often than not, I'll notice a completely unintentional message in my work, like shapes emerging in the clouds.

Sometimes two leaves will overlap in a special way to look like two objects embracing, and I'll think to myself, 'this is how I want to feel about myself today'. Other times, I see feminine figures, mountains or even accidental faces in my work, and each will give me a new way of seeing myself and the world.

Our Artworks can continue their dialogue with us, long after we've finished creating them. 

 {Image and ring by gorgeous  Angelwing Jewellery }

 {Image and ring by gorgeous Angelwing Jewellery}

Speaking of speaking, I was once asked why I felt compelled to make Art ... What was the purpose behind it?

I used to think it was just something I adored doing, and just like everyone has interests, like cooking or bike-riding, mine was painting. But over the years, I've come to understand it's much, much richer than that.

I have learned that Making Art enables us to invent new ways of doing, feeling and being, never before experienced in all of humanity. Can you feel the gravity of that?!

We are so, utterly unique in the Universe, that every single thing we create has never been done so before. Every brush stroke is utterly new in history. 

Gosh that feels beautiful and so it should ... It's completely amazing stuff!

When we can create freely and uninhibitedly, the parts of ourselves we want to cultivate naturally bubble to the surface to be seen. Instead of going along with the daily grind, we can consciously chose to step into the infinite well of colors, shapes, lines, patterns, mediums, ideas, feelings and expressive abilities available to us, and to make the unknown, known.

It turns out, my insides are always more gorgeous than I thought they would be. The only ugliness within me, was in my mind. 

So in this way, being creative can be a beautiful tool we can use to guide us on our journey of living Authentically.  By expressing ourselves creatively - through painting, dancing, cooking, singing, laughing, parenting; whatever feels right for us - we enable a new way to Allow Love In. Our innate creative capacity holds a delicious key to feeling good about who we are.

So that's why I make Art. The purpose of making Art is to love myself. And when I can express that fully, others can feel it through my paintings too.

It's called being Authentic, and it's my favourite way to live.


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