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Australian Visual Artist of the Year Nomination!

Today I have some pretty exciting news to share with you ...

I am being nominated for RAW AUSTRALIA Visual Artist of the Year! 

RAWARDS the biggest Indie Arts Awards show in the world and I feel so excited to be nominated for Visual Artist of the Year, on behalf of RAW Australia!

Voting is a simple process BUT there's only a 3 day voting window to share your support, so let's strike while the iron is hot! 

  1. Simply register to vote HERE (super easy name + email kinda deal!)
  2. Login in the next screen
  3. Visit my Artist profile HERE  and click VOTE

Your vote will help me take my Art career to a fantastic new level + pick up some amazing career-building prizes + you can know that YOU have contributed to helping someone (Me!) achieve my creative dreams!


Download this card for free to say thanks for voting for me!

Download this card for free to say thanks for voting for me!

To say thanks in advance, please find a FREE digital download of my ever-popular 'Be Gentle on Yourself' Greeting card (pictured above), to print out and share at your leisure! This greeting card download has never been offered to the public before now, and now it it yours to use ... so CLICK HERE to download it for yourself today!

Thanks again for your support and your VOTE, it really means a lot!


Chrissy x

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