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The story behind my peacock tattoo

I have six tattoos (so far) and I’ll be honest, not all of them have deep, profound meaning. In fact, few of them do, I just got them ‘cause they’re pretty.

That is, with the exception of Edgar, my peacock tattoo.

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Before you ask, no, I didn’t design him myself. My tattooist ‘Basto’ at Sink or Swim in Sandgate did, after I took him in a plethora of images for inspiration of what I wanted.

BEAUTIFUL close uppeacockcolour scheme 2

But I digress … back onto Edgar.

So my peacock tattoo came about because of a recent discovery about a distant relative, named Edgar Peacock. Edgar is my Great Great Grandfather and he was the first artist I know of in my family. In fact, he was an ornate pattern carver and he created some of the beautiful cornice works in the Brisbane Regent Theatre back in the 1920’s.

So now when I look at my tattoo, I’m reminded of a piece of my genetic puzzle and I feel a sense of place in my family after years of wondering where the hell I came from!

There’s peace in that knowing for me, somehow. I wonder about the discussions we’d have had if only I could have met him.

C x

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