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New Artwork ~ ‘The Great Emergence’

Personal growth is such an enriching, valuable and courageous thing. Especially when it comes to being honest through my art – there’s nowhere to hide once it’s out in the world.

Meet my new gorgeous baby: ‘The Great Emergence’.

the great emergence full

It's an artwork about owning my strengths, courageously dipping into my self-worth and sharing my vulnerable heart. It's about choosing what works and what makes me feel alive. It's truly, bravely, speaking my truth.

the great emergence detail

There is so much texture, depth and aliveness in this piece. Those thick, delicious wormy things in the photo above are created using a technique I dreamed up years ago – using gap filler, applied, dried and painted over. Isn’t it rich?! Here’s how it looked before I painted over it:

the great emergence progress texture

… And here’s how the painting used to look, not long after I first started it:

the great emergence progress

Big change hey? I think it’s important to let an artwork take on a life of its own.

I’ve been reading Flora Bowley’s Book ‘Brave Intuitive Painting’ and she talks about going with what works as you progress through your painting and being true to your own, personal content. I began making marks, which shifted into the idea of a peacock, which I then let go of to make room for the new ideas emerging in the moment.

I love the idea of consciously going with ‘what works’ – I guess I’ve always done this intuitively but now that it’s an intentional choice, the process feels so much more alive and playful to me. And it’s so applicable to LIFE.

The Great Emergence sold within hours of putting it on my Instagram {follow me @artbychrissyforemanc}, so I’m getting her professionally photographed in the coming weeks so that I can offer her as a print. There’s too much richness inside her not to share this piece with others.

I hope you have a great week.

Love C x

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