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Personal Losses and Unexpected Gains

Last week we received some pretty crazy news … Husband lost his job. He’d been working for a medical company, which he loved doing, but they’d decided to merge his role with another position to save money.

So this Friday will be his last day.

The news hit both of us pretty hard at first, as Hubby’s job has allowed me to pursue my art career with his steady income coming in to support our family.

After the shock wore off, we began discussing our options and we’ve come to decision: Hubby will stay at home with our little one-year-old bubba and I’ll work full-time on my art.

It’s an incredibly exciting, scary, ambitious, wonderful and terrifying thought – and I’m completely up for the challenge … Because sometimes it takes being out of our comfort zone to truly exceed our own expectations.

Over the years working on my art I’m finally at a point where I completely believe in the value of what I do. I’ve come to realise that making art, teaching and creating a space for creative nurturing with others is where I want to be and it’s my gift to share. This is what I want to do with my life.

The amazing addition of uninterrupted time in my life will enable me to put my energies into developing and teaching new art courses, making new large-scale artworks, writing some e-books, expanding my fabrics range and working on some new and exciting artsy ideas I’ve had in mind for a while now. Plus new stuff that springs up along the way.

And you know what? I believe I can do it!

So, here’s to a new adventure. Send all your successful, grand and amazing thoughts my way. I don’t need them, but I’d love them.

Love C xx

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