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A halter-top using my fabrics!

I asked my Mum-in-law Shirl to pretty-please make me a top using my fabrics, to wear to the Raw Generation exhibition on Friday night. We chatted about some basic ideas but in the end, I gave her the fabric and off she went like a frog in a sock! Here’s what she made me:

my top collage_adjusted.jpg

Eff yeah!!! We used my Storms Bring Rainbows fabric, and she lined it up so that the mirror repeat in the fabric pattern was centred on the halter-top.

Storms swatch

I got so many comments wearing this top at the exhibition! I’m lucky, she’s also making me another one in my Aquatic Soul Dance fabric. If you’d love some fabric too for your own wearable art, pop on over and check out my range here.


They’re available for custom order and ready-to-ship swatches from $14. Yay!

Get my art on your heart!

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