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My recent glass fetish

You might’ve noticed my recent little fetish with making shiny glass objects lately. I love how putting glass over a piece really makes the image underneath ‘pop’.

Paper weights …


Mini Art Earrings


So the other day, I was making space at my art desk, when my glass paint palette fell face down (lucky it was dry!), revealing the gorgeous, pristine bright colours underneath.


I suddenly got a shock-wave of inspiration: Mini glass palette earrings!

Mar 19

Aren’t they cute?! And such a great way to use up the leftover paint on my palette after a big painting sesh.

I haven’t affixed the earring backs to them yet, but I will. I promise. One day. But for now, they’re just pretty little glass palette goodies sitting on my desk in a wee little dish-of-wishes.

C xx

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