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How I link my Art to Life

If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know I I go for an afternoon stroll most days.

Since I’ve been on Instagram, I’ve been documenting some of the special moments and sights I experience along my walks, and I’ve recently thought about incorporating some of these moments into my work.

This is a new process for me, as I’ve never really been someone who creates a picture of ‘something’ in my art. Instead, I find most of my inspiration in life and feelings. But lately, this process has begun to grow into something new.


When you’ve been working a certain way for a number of years, you can almost begin to build up a formula for creating your works. This is great to refine skills – to a point – but I think as an artist, it’s also imperative that we continue to grow outwards, push our own perceived boundaries and expand our personal abilities.

I’ve always incorporated natural elements, such as leaves and flowers, previously in my work, but in more of an abstract way, just from my mind. Using an actual photograph to draw from is a delicious new concept for me, as it’s creating another layer of richness in my work.

I don’t feel the need to make it EXACT – I don’t believe in making things look ‘perfect’. But it’s really nice to have a visual reference and to really see how nature develops and interacts with itself and with me. I think drawing and painting is like handwriting – it is a form that allows for communication but each of us executes these forms differently. And this is something to celebrate; as is our own personal, creative style.

This is a new process & technique I’ll be sharing in my upcoming ‘Creating with Feeling’ workshops and in-progress E-course. Why not try it sometime and surprise yourself?

Love, C x

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