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The Auction Restores Sight!

Hello, beautiful friends!
I just want to extend a massive Thank You for all your support, shares and bids on my recent Art Auction.
Together, we've raised $400 in donations for The Fred Hollows Foundation, which is enough money to restore the eyesight of 16 people in third world countries. YEAH YEAH!

If you haven’t heard of the Fred Hollows Foundation, they do amazing work performing a simple operation on people to reverse blindness due to cataracts. The knock-on effect of this operation (which costs only $25 per person!) is epic! Both men and women are once again able to farm and earn money through their businesses, and children have a better chance in life, meaning families and communities also benefit as a result.

I can’t think of a better way to share my profits. Honestly!


Check out Fred Hollow’s legacy here.

With so many bids on my auction, many people missed out on their favourite artworks, so I invite you to check out my prints range, which includes many of the artworks from my auction.

I feel so blessed to have done this in my life! I love giving back – it’s the very best feeling.

Love C xx

New Artwork ~ The Pathway

Art Auction ~ On now!