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New Artwork ~ The Pathway

So much has been shifting inside me over the last few months and I love watching the progress of these changes unfolding, through the lens of my Art.

The Pathway_cropped_560

This artwork began last Sunday week. It’s the canvas I used to teach my workshopees the techniques I use to Create With Feeling. Over the following week, the canvas transformed many times over and took on many layers of meaning..

In the end, my Dad helped me title it. I was telling him how I was having trouble naming it, because I couldn't find a word to describe the new journey I'm on, where my head, heart and soul are all heading in the same direction. He immediately looked at it and said,
"It's a Pathway."

Yes, Dad, it is. The Pathway only I can carve for myself, The Pathway into the unknown. I love this piece, there's such richness in it for me.

Original Artwork & Prints available soon.
60 X 60 cms. Acrylic, printed and hand-printed papers on canvas. 2013

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