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Creating with Feeling Workshop ~ Book Now

After so much success with my first Creating with Feeling Workshop, I’m so excited to announce a second workshop date:


Sunday 2nd June @ Viroga Yoga & Day Spa, Brighton, QLD

I love how everyone is glowing at the end of the day in this photo. Here’s what Cathy from Angelwing Jewellery had to say (she’s the second from the left, up the back in the above photo) ~ she wanted to step beyond her intricate jewellery work into something more expressive, large and free:

Testimonial_Cathy_650 copy

How cool is that?! YAY Cathy! I’d also love to share Sheena’s story with you (back left gorgeous blondie), who’s gorgeous husband bought her workshop ticket as a surprise for her birthday:

Testimonial_sheena 2_650 copy_left aligned

Ahhh, I love, love, love what I do! Lastly, here’s Sam’s story. She contacted me this morning to say that since the workshop, she’s continued painting and after sharing her latest artwork on her photography page (Sam Covey Design), she’s since been asked to create a painting for someone’s lounge room – to sell! YAY! She’s so delighted … and so am I!

Testimonial_sam_650 copy

Whether you’re a seasoned artist or a pure, fresh beginner, I’ve written this workshop for you. It’s more than just learning painting techniques, it’s essentially about learning to trust your inner self, connecting with your own,  personal truth, challenging old beliefs about what ‘real art is’ and stepping into your true artist – which, incidentally, has nothing to do with being able to paint like a photograph!

I truly believe that everyone has inside them, a constantly flowing creative wellspring and I love helping people tap into that place, so our true, essential selves can unfold in a supportive, safe and vibrant atmosphere. I wish someone has written this course for me years ago! But my journey here has been a wonderful one (that’s a whole other story!).

I hope you can join me at an upcoming course. Bookings for my ‘Creating with Feeling’ Art Course go on sale today over here in my shop.

I’ll be adding more dates in the coming months too.

Happy creating! Love C x

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