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Working on something new ~ with helpers

Yesterday I had a blissful hour and a half up my sleeve, so I decided to start a new canvas.

Not long after, my nephew came into the room. "Did you do all that today?", he asked.

"Yup", I said, "Wanna paint with me?" If you've got kids, you know they'll rarely say no to a chance to get messy - or creative.

So, here we are, working together in my studio while a storm rages outside. He's so free, pushing paint about here and there, but treating it as quite a serious job, working carefully and methodically in his mark making. We worked alongside like this for a while and jees it was nice - and good for me too, to let go and allow it to unfold, however it will. It's just the background anyway and the perfect time to be playful.

Soon after, another body came into the room. His sister, my niece. She watched on for a couple of minutes, inching closer and closer until I couldn't bare the suspense anymore - for her.

"Wanna paint Immy?", I ask. "Hmmmm! Yes!"

So there we were, three of us crammed onto the same canvas, working away happily. Mixing colours, making stripes, each doing our thing. The canvas began to fill up - fast until there wasn't much room left to work on.

"Ummm ... so we might finish up soon and leave this to dry."

No response - continued painting.

"So ... I've got a spare canvas here - do you guys want to use up the rest of the paints on the palette?" {Need I even ask?}

So there we were, me working on some fine detail on my canvas, while they unleashed fury on their own. I find it great to have two canvasses going at once, and they've already started the background for me on my next one. I ended up sitting back on my chair and watching them scrape every last little shred of paint off the palette.

I love little surprises like this. As we worked together, I thought about how one day, maybe my son might like to paint with me this way too. At this stage, my paints are a little toxic for a mouth muncher like him. But it's something to look forward to all the same.

Hope you're having a great day.

Love C x

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