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Why two on the go, is good ...

This past week I've been working on a couple of new artworks at the same time. The beauty of doing this, is while one canvas is full of wet paint, the other one has already dried and is ready to keep working on! Hooray! It's a great way to keep the artworks flowing.

Sometimes I'll experience a 'blah' moment (lull in inspiration) while I'm painting one artwork, so having more than one going also means I can just start working on another piece.

Other times, feeling 'blah' just means I just need a break, so in that case I step away from both artworks. It's important to give myself space! I've learnt to trust my feelings and trust that every artwork will unfold in it's own time. So these days, I follow my mojo. And often, it yields surprising results ...

During an art-making break, I came across this beautiful chrysalis hanging on the clothes line. It gave me just the new direction I needed and decided to incorporate it into one of my artworks.

The other artwork began taking on a new florally form, inspired by an afternoon walk by the beach.

These artworks have already taken me in lots of directions during their time so far; as have the spaces between art-making.

I really enjoy documenting my painting journey, so you can view more progress images over on my Instagram feed, if you feel so inclined.


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