Hi, I'm Chrissy

Intuitive Artist + Teacher 

The seed emerging inside me

Something new is emerging inside me, but it actually feels like coming home to myself.

I’ve always felt like there’s something really special inside me, but I didn’t really know what it was. All I knew was that making art was a vehicle that helped me get closer to it – or that I felt closer to it while I was making art.

Tonight after a giant first-week of being our family’s official ‘breadwinner’, and the eve of my new ‘Creating with Feeling’ workshop, I gave myself the night off to really relax and put my feet up.

I dropped Bubby off at the Grandparent’s house, got home to  beautiful roast dinner cooked by my Hubby, then took a warm, scented bath, with a cup of herbal tea, peppermint scented oil burning and my favourite magazine.

As I sat and breathed, I finally felt the driven-knot in my tummy slowly relax. I breathed … breathed to bring fresh oxygen into my lungs … breathed to feel connected … breathed to loosen tired sore muscles into my warm, scented bath.

As I let go, something began to happen. I felt a warm bud inside me begin to open and unfold and flourish. A calm knowing washed over me and I had the feeling of “I know what to do, through being who I am”. I felt, I knew, I know  what I’m here on this planet for.

I’m here to share and honour creativity. I’m here to help people’s true, creative selves to unfold. I’m here to share how true, creative desires are acceptable and completely amazing gifts to the world.

I’m here to enable creativity.

With this beautiful, unfolding sense spreading throughout me, I sensed another beautiful bud emerging within. An answer to my yearnings. An answer to the ‘how’.

The How, is that I am ready to branch off and create a new service:

A new service especially for women who know, or want to know that place inside them that feels amazing when they think about creating freely.

A service for people who know somewhere, deep inside, there’s a way to get back to feeling rich and playful about living.

A service for someone who’s always wanted to try art, because there’s an inkling it might feel amazing.

And the way I’m gonna share this is, is the way I’ve learned about myself too - through intuitive, feeling-based art.

The more I think about this, the more amazing it feels. I love teaching. I love writing. I love sharing. I love connecting. So it makes sense to me to offer creative workshops, online courses, e-books and tutorials about connecting with ourselves, through art. So, so much sense!

That’s about all I know right now – that this is the direction I want to be heading in my work. I believe in the healing, vibrant power of creativity so much, that I’m willing to bet a business on it working for others.

I hope you can follow me on this journey.

I’m finding ‘My True Hue’ and I truly believe you’ll love your true colours too.

Love, Chrissy xx

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