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Intuitive Artist + Teacher 

Creating with Feeling workshop

This Sunday I held my first ‘Creating with Feeling’ workshop, with eight beautiful women, ready to explore their creativity in new ways.



I felt completely heart-warmed as we progressed gently through the day, taking time to connect with our feelings, our memories, images, objects and techniques that resonated with us as individuals.




I found myself feeling completely and utterly blessed to be able to share my experiences and skills in ways that enabled these beautiful women to feel safe to explore their creativity and feelings.


We used fingers, scissors, brushes, collage, nature, postcards, paint, crayon, pastel, canvas, water, papers, fabrics, glues and our hearts to explore ideas together.


To compliment the group work, I spent time with each artist to help them refine their ideas and suggest techniques that might bring out their feelings onto the canvas.

Cathys artwork

Needless to say, I was blown away by the results … and the delicious unfolding process I witnessed each woman undertake throughout the day.



To Sam, Cathy, Julie, Melissa, Jas, Sheena, Skye and Stasia, thank you so much for trusting me, being open and willing to explore new ideas and to courageously share your inner feelings on canvas with me during my workshop. I feel completely blessed to do what I do.

I’m already keen to plan another one.

Love C x

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