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Edition 6 - Permission to Shine

I have something to confess - I've spent a giant chunk of my life completely concerned about how I appear in the eyes of others.

It's something that I've carried with me for many years, right back to my primary school days, when I let one of my so-called 'friends' take my special calligraphy pencil off me, because I she thought I wrote prettier than her.

I learned back then, that I needed to dim my own light to be accepted by others, and over many years, I became a pretty awesome people-pleaser.
I had loads of friends, I was pretty popular, but I often felt like shit, because I wasn't being true to me.

The process of becoming an Artist has been a way for me to work through some of these old ways. It's the ultimate platform for me to either control my light or shine it into the world. Amazingly enough, I've found that the 'prettiness' of my work isn't what matters, it's the intention and integrity I put into it, that does.

I connect most, when I share my true self - warts and all.

This involves a huge process of letting go - Letting go of old, outdated beliefs. Letting go of people who seem to try to dim my light. Letting go of who I think I should be ... and stepping into who I really want to be - with courage.

I think the permission to shine is a choice completely up to us, and it's got nothing to do with our qualifications, experience, or what we're told we're capable of.
The first step is to have the courage to try something new - and in the process, be willing to possibly alter the way others perceive us.

It's about introducing a new way of thinking, sparking up a new friendship, trying a new skill we've always wanted to - for no other reason than we want this moment in our life to feel good to us.

This is something the participants of my first 'Creating with Feeling' workshop displayed so beautifully to me this past weekend - A willingness to be vulnerable, courageous and to step into our light, together.
I am completely grateful for the opportunity to facilitate such gorgeous growth and ultimate self acceptance, through art. Will you join me?

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