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Last Thursday, we dropped kidlet off at the Grandparents' house and went on a trip up the Sunshine Coast to the picturesque, Hinterland town of Montville. It was our fifth wedding anniversary and I surprised Husband with a night up there in a beautiful little cottage on Lake Baroon. BIG brownie points were earned - by me.

Hubby is a bit of a photography buff, so we took our digital SLR along for the trip; where we spent time taking photos of beautiful scenery and textures we found in nature. It was so humbling to stop and take time to be in each other's company, within the beauty of nature. It's not hard to find beauty there, when you take time to look.

I'm really excited by the natural, organic shapes found in nature and I can't wait to weave these ideas into my artworks.

Next morning, we met my parents up at Caloundra, with our little boy in toe, to spend another two days away, this time as a family. Turned out we had such a beautiful time, we decided to stay another three nights, so I write this blog post from our unit overlooking Pumicestone Passage, five nights into our three night stay. Ha ha!

I had no idea how much I needed this holiday break until I was in it. It's taken me a few days to wind down, but now I'm here, I'm really growing to love the freedom of waking up and doing whatever we please as the day unfolds.

Here are a few snap shots of our visit - more inspiration for when we go home and I get into my studio again, which, strangely, I'm not missing.

Dusk ...

Beautiful textures left on the sand by passing waves ...

Beach treasures, found and quickly arranged before being kicked to smithereens by my one-year-old ...

 We have two nights left here before heading back home, so I plan to make the most of it with moments on the sand, afternoon walks, cuddles with my boys and bbq meals by the pool.

Love C x


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