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Last Days before change - Brighton Art Retreats

One of the best things about running your own business (especially when it's based on a passion) is that as you grow, change and aspire, so do your products and services. There's no boss to tell you you can or can't do something - you just follow the energy flow and cross fingers things go successfully. And even when they don't, it's a good thing, because it enables us to look into better options. I'm totally accountable for making my art and connecting, the best it can be.

Along this vein, I've decided to take a little time-out from my workshops to redevelop them.

Rather than having my workshops aimed towards everyone, I'm going to specialise and tailor them to a small group of people I feel I can teach best. This has been a challenging decision to come to, because I've always been a community-kinda-gal and I'm terrified of excluding people. But specialising means that although I won't reach everyone with my workshops, but the people I do reach, will feel a greater sense of belonging and community, and it will be tailored to meet their specific needs and abilities.

Up until now, I've been working with beginners right through to seasoned artists in my workshops. I've done this on purpose, because it's a beautiful way for us all to learn from each other and share our experiences. It also means that to ensure everyone gets a tailored workshop experience, I'm stretching myself in the process, as each person has a wide range of different skills and abilities, which requires much individualised attention. This is lovely, but tiring!

In order to creating a space of lovingly connecting with self and taking the time to tune into feelings and emotions - which is the way I paint - I want to convey this feeling in the way I run my workshops too.

I'll do this by slowing down and condensing my subject matter into delicious, bite sized moments of specialised awesomeness.

So, to do all this, I will be taking a little break between my upcoming classes and future retreats, to work on my new ideas.

This means, if you want to get in and learn my techniques in Creating with Feeling, now is the time!

All of my subscribers can enjoy 15% off my workshops in the final days of booking:

My half-day Intro to Mixed Media has only two spaces left ...

↗ THIS Saturday 25th May, 1 pm - 4 pm @ Viroga Yoga Studio & Day Spa. Book here. $45

Friday 7th June, 1 pm - 3 pm @Wynnum Hall, Brisbane. SOLD OUT

My full-day Creating with Feeling Retreat has only four places left ...

NEXT Sunday 2nd June, 9:30 - 4pm @ Viroga Yoga Studio & Day Spa. Book here. $125

Both of these workshops are truly beautiful experiences, but after next weekend, I'll no longer be offering them to everyone.

Visit my Art Courses page to find out more or head straight over to my shop to book your place in.

I'm really looking forward to these final two workshops, they'll be sure to be meaningful last days.


C xx

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