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Announcing my new workshop direction

With my final workshop bookings getting snapped up this morning, I can now take a little breather. It's always a wonderful feeling when my workshops sell-out, because it tells me I'm connecting with a people in meaningful and inspiring ways. I thought it might be hard work promoting my workshops, but the right people just keep finding me and I feel ever so grateful for that.

Now, it is time to knuckle down and incubate my new ideas and directions for my new, specialised workshops.

I think getting clearer about who my ideal participants are has helped me to refine where I really want to go, and to draw on my strengths in these areas. It is possible to teach everyone, but I think it's more meaningful to create opportunities for people to feel a sense of like-minded community, to really unfold and grow.

So without further ado, here are the new directions I'm taking my new 'Creating with Feeling' workshops in this year ...

... Creating with Feeling for Free-Spirited Mums

... Creating with Feeling for Creatively-Nurtured Teachers

... Creating with Feeling for Soul-Expanding Artists

I may keep playing with the wording, but you get in idea about the direction I'm heading in. Basically, my reasoning behind it is I want to draw on my strongest skills and personal experiences to connect with people in truly, meaningful ways. I am a Mum, a Teacher and an Artist, so I know what it can mean to be one of these people and so it makes sense to me to specialise in these areas. It's what I know best.

Yeah, this means there are some people who will miss out on my workshops, but there are so many other wonderful creative oportunities out there waiting to be tapped into, that I know everyone is in good hands.

This is just another way that I'm learning to refine my life so that it's filled with all the good stuff, as well as juicy, lovely SPACE. By catering for everyone, I had no space and now I do. And it feels lovely.

Love, C xx

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