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New Artwork ~ 'Serene'

A few weeks ago, I started working on this painting.

I had a feeling this piece had a lot to discover about itself, so I happily took my time with it.

In a previous life, I would often complete a painting in one sitting - and feel unsettled if I didn't.

These days, spending weeks or months on a painting is such a beautiful gift to myelf - it completely takes away and pressure or need to 'perform'. The beauty of working this way means, each stroke has integrity, richness and depth. And honesty.

As I worked, different emotions and subject matter would occur in my life. I'd see a beautiful tree or flower on a morning walk, which would weave its way into my work.

My feelings would shift and change over time, adding more emotion and colour to my work.

Because of the way this piece came together, I'm calling it 'Serene'. Can you feel it too?

This piece and number of my latest paintings will be visiting my professional photographer in the coming weeks, so I have some beautiful images for my shop and to make new 'Bespoke Prints' from (sound intriguing? Stay tuned).

I hope you have a Serene weekend ahead.

Love C x

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