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I've got me a coach - Let's meet him

Something's been going on behind the scenes here and it's about time I let the cat outta the bag. Many people have commented lately how something has changed about me and I'm suddenly going after my goals in a flourishing way. This is because I've got someone behind me, keeping me accountable, encouraging me to dream big and reminding me that I can do it - and I'm worth it.

I've got me a coach and I'm proud to admit it.

I first met Andy Monks at the start of this year, when I attended his workshop for Creative Entrepreneurs. He's a self-confessed dork, and amazing artist, professional speaker and the part I love most - he's multi-passionate, just like me.

Within a week, I managed to pull together a wee-wad of cash, because I finally, finally believed in myself and I was willing to bet my own money on a year-long commitment to support my success. That was the day, Andy became my coach on a year-long Hero's Adventure, and four months in, I've never looked back, only forward!

It feels effing amazing to have someone support me this way. It meant that when Hubby lost his job 3 months ago, I felt confident enough to tackle the role of breadwinner for our family, while Hubby stayed home with our toddler. Andy's work with people is amazing and I feel genuinely blessed to work with him and his amazing, generous energy.

I love nurturing creativity and it feels so great to get that in return, ten fold. Visit Andy's site here.

C x

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