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Hand Embellished Prints - Test Run = Awesome!

You may have read here that I'm making the transition from paper to canvas prints. Yesterday I received a mini test print of how the canvasses will turn out from my new supplier. In short, they are BEAUTIFUL!

This image was taken (thanks Dad) after I've embellished it with hand-painted detail to see how it would look (speaking of hands, see my little bubba's hand pulling on my skirt? Welcome to my life - and I wouldn't change a thing)

I am completely happy with how it turned out! It feels lovely to add onto these canvasses, it's like a new individualised artwork, every time! The added brush strokes and pen marks really make them pop AND they are beautiful without it too. Win-win.

The actual prints will be much larger than this - I'll receive my first biggun' by Friday, ready to embellish and take along to the bespoke City Hall Markets this Saturday.

I've had a go at taking some pics to show you the differences in the before and after hand-embellishment, and I'll take better ones once I get the large scale artwork and add big fat, juicy brush strokes.

Here's the before, just straight off the mill. Look at that texture and vibrancy, my supplier is awesome!  

Here it is, after embellishment. See how the brush strokes and fine detail now sit on top and add extra detail? So completely delicious! Now each can be made unique.

Canvas Art Prints are now available for order in my online art shop and I'll be adding the option of hand-embellishment in the coming weeks. There's varying sizes available, I'm so excited to offer these beauties! More pics to come.

Love C x

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