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Healing Art E-Course, coming soon!

For what seems like ages now, I've been dreaming of making an e-course to share my love of self-nurture, through creativity. Art making is so naturally therapeutic, especially when we let go of 'shoulds' ... and this is something accessible to everyone.

This week, I finally worked out how to go about it. So now, I'm working on slicing the content up into weekly classes.

I'm thinking it will be somewhere between 6 and 9 weeks long, with a new set of creative exercises each week.

Here's some details of the course ...

Would you love some delicious space in your life, for nurturing art-making? This beautiful Creating with Feeling Healing E-course will fuel your creative flame, using freeing, therapeutic exercises to tap into your muse and create the life you want to live.

You will receive a new creative technique to explore each week, at your own pace:

  • Learn to Create with your Feelings
  • Make space for artistic, self-nurture
  • Connect with your dreams and explore them
  • Experiment with a range of artistic mediums and techniques
  • Let go of perfection and find your own creative rhythm
  • Use nature, healing and movement as inspiration
  • Enjoy your own learning, at your own pace

This course is not about painting pretty pictures, although over time, you will build up techniques and confidence to do so. With a focus on self-acceptance, nature, manifesting dreams and experimentation, these therapeutic art exercises will help you unlock your creativity and make time to create deeply satisfying and healing art. 

Only two hours per week are required to set your creative fire ablaze.

So, what are your thoughts? Sound interesting? I'd love your feedback!

Love C x

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