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Building your band ...

I've always been fascinated with how a band can get together and somehow make a song from nothing. I love the idea of feeling complete safety to throw ideas out there, and make mistakes, in the name of creativity.

I've never had that myself before, until recently. Quite accidentally, I think my friend Sambo and I might've made a little band together.  

Here is Sam after an art jam we had at her place the other night. (I haven't asked her if I can make this blog post featuring her and her paintings, but she will know when she reads this ... Hi Sambo!)

Sambo's got the same kind of Artist-painty-mind as I do, so it's like meeting a kindred flame whenever we catch up ... and we can jam.

Having someone who is passionate the same way as you are, is SUCH a valuable and affirming thing to have in life. Whether you're an artist with food, music, flowers or paint, having someone who 'gets' your creative essence is such a blessing. I can explain ideas to Sam in colourful, painterly, whimsical ways that many people overhearing, would think was crazy. She'd just look over and nod, knowingly.

The best thing is, endless possibilities come about when more than one creative mind comes together. This here is a painting Sambo and I have been working on together, over the last couple of months. Every few weeks, we'd find ourselves at each other's houses, while we listened to music and chatted and painted. Sometimes, we didn't even plan it that way, and I love that too. 

There is no way either of us could have made this artwork ourselves, we needed each other's marks, words and techniques to inspire us.

It's wonderful to make music/art/food with people who really 'get you', because it opens up a space of exploration, support and trust.

I think putting effort into building these kinds of relationships are a true affirmation to our creative spirits. All of us are talented in our own many ways, and it's wonderful when we can find someone to share our mutual gifts with, without feeling scared to jam it out and make mistakes together.

I've loved the feeling so much, that I've started a monthly art group. If you'd like to join me, click here.

Love C x

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