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The Making of 'Soul Windows'

I'm proud to share the making of my latest artwork with you here tonight, called 'Soul Windows'.

About this artwork:

A few weeks ago, I began a new painting at my monthly art group. I continued working on her for a few weeks straight; using the process as a way to connect with strong feelings I'd been feeling about Motherhood, deserving and self-worth. 

Initially, it felt like I couldn't see the forest for the trees (quite literally in the painting), but I stayed with the process, because it felt good to create and connect. After talking my feelings out with a professional, I gained so much clarity and self-forgiveness, and as the internal weight shifted, I felt lighter and more at peace with myself. That night, I finished my painting - and I love her.

She feels light and free, strengthened by the contrast of her life experience, just like me.

'Soul Windows'. Mixed media on canvas. 30 X 30 inches. 2013. $1900 ~

Love C x

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