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Making Art with Nature

Many people are afraid to paint, because they're petrified of making shitty art. One of the most freeing ways to move past this fear, is to create something just for your own sake - something you know will never be hung on a wall and no one else even needs to see it. It's called process art - and it can be done without any art materials at all - just with nature.

'Doodling' with natural objects is such a deliciously perfect exercise that absolutely anyone can do - children and grown-ups alike. It's a fabulous tool for getting the creative juices flowing, without needing to create a 'something'.

Just find yourself a few leaves, seeds, shells, flowers or twigs and you've got your palette, ready made. I've got a 'thing' at the moment with making nests ...

Clearly, so does my son - but his nests seem best placed on Mummy's head.

When we go to the beach, I'll often draw with a stick or collect objects to arrange in interesting ways, while kidlet buries his cars in the sand and I have to go find them again for him.

The best thing about making art with nature is, it's simple, and you can take as long or as little time doing it as you like. It doesn't matter if you're interrupted, because you're kinda doing it to kill time in a fulfilling, lovely way.  A great tool for parents!

The next time you're out and about, consider putting your playful hat on and making a nature artwork. It's such a simple and beautiful way to find peace, freedom and inspiration.

Love C x

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