Hi, I'm Chrissy

Intuitive Artist + Teacher 

Our Special Place

Everyone has a Special Place ... Somewhere we can go to feel truly connected, relaxed and at ease in our tummies, even amongst the busyness of Life - Especially so.

I have a few of these places and I feel blessed that one of my all time faves is right on my doorstep, down the end of a lesser known street-end in Clontarf, Queensland.


The perfect time to go to this place is about two hours before sundown, when the tide is alllll the way out and the water is only an inch deep. It's also best when you're prepared to get dirty: This beach has sand as fine as powder and it somehow ends up all over you, especially when there's a toddler involved. Trust me though, it's completely worth it.

On this particular afternoon, we had a unique combination of smoke from regional bushfires (the heat has been excessive these last few days), teamed with still air, mirrored water and a rather deserted beach, except for Maxie, Me and the Wildlife.

I couldn't resist running at the birds like a kid to make them wake from their afternoon chill-out, purely so I could get a cool photo of them flying across the mirrored sea bed.


I have taught Maxie always to stop and notice the small things in Nature as we go on our daily walks. Today was no different and he excitedly come up to show me his 'Jeyyyie Iish'.

I was once told these clear Jelly Fish were actually Shark's poo. Let's hope not. I kiss those chubby fingers.


As the afternoon wore on, we both sat in the shallow water, taking in the view. Sitting still never lasts long with a toddler. Inevitably, a sludge-fest would ensue.


For some, such mess and muck just wouldn't be worth the time. To me, it makes it.

It's very rare we get the chance to walk round in our undies, play mud pies like a child and spend not a cent, yet enjoy a show that only Mother Nature could possibly create.

Taking time out to connect with Earth, Water, Sky, Air and my Smiley Bear, fills my heart to the brim and I feel completely blessed to be alive and well.

Life is good.


So as each day must, our trip came to a close, as the fisherman began popping up on the horizon, carrying their rods and buckets of plunder. Us, still in our togs and undies, took the moment to drink in our final whiff of smokey air,  splash off the blackened sand specks and get back to our car before our territory was met by sundown and a bunch of surprised fisherman.

These kind of outings remind me that the best things really are so often Free, and the more I can surround myself with people and places that light up my soul, the better I can remember what it is to Feel Free in my Heart.


I think Life agrees with me. She turned on the Glow, just for us today.


Chrissy xx

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