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Behind the Scenes

It's been pretty quiet in the studio this month. I've only managed to sneak in a few short painting sessions, between starting a new job as a kindy teacher a couple of days a week, and attending a new 12 week course on mindful living.


I also celebrated my 35th birthday this week and amongst lots of heartfelt moments and gifts, I treated myself to this haul of colourful goodies at the Art shop today. That was all the prompting I needed to set the night aside for some play-time this evening!


Here are a couple of the paintings I'm working on at the moment. Both of these are older works that I am repurposing to feel new again. Much of the old work is disappearing under the excited vigour of my new Art materials ...


I have never worked with black gesso before, nor my new Neo Colour crayons, but they are definitely opening new doors for me. The playful element of expressive painting is what keeps me coming back for more and when you throw new materials into the mix, anything feels possible.


As I was finishing up tonight, I looked down at my hand and saw that somehow, an eye had appeared. Can you see it too? I wonder what special message it holds for me? I'm into little signs from the Universe.

A friend told me that the eye in the palm is to do with healing. Perhaps it's an omen to see my life afresh and emerging as new.

All my Love, Chrissy xx

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