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Family Paint Sesh

Today I had the pleasure of catching up with my Hubby's side of the family. And no, I'm not just writing that because they might read this - I seriously love these guys.

We had a little get-together for a belated birthday for me (Yay for stretchy birthdays!) and I thought it might be fun to bring a bunch of canvasses along to paint with the kids in the backyard.

expressive painting with kids

Painting with children is so refreshing. There's no trepidation - it's just painting freely with all brushes blazing. I suggested we collaborate on some canvasses - rotating every five minutes to keep it loose and fun. My little preppie niece Sophie had a wonderful time carefully composing this colourful piece ...

landscape painting with children

Within less than an hour, we had created seven canvas backgrounds, which I'm excited to say, I'll be using down the track as backgrounds for my paintings. The kids were really excited about being involved in my future works. Jess said, 'One day when Aunty Chrissy's famous, we can say "We painted that one with her" '. So cool.

art with kids

What a beautiful way to spend time with family, have fun outdoors and connect with some colourful freedom. I love my fam-bam!

Love Chrissy x

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