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Behind the Scenes this week

This has been a pretty special-feeling week. Although I've been off with the flu fairies, I've also had so many opportunities to choose gratitude. 


It feels wonderfully empowering to experience inner love, especially when outside circumstances aren't perfect. These last couple of weeks have enabled me to work through both old and new issues of forgiveness, actively choosing self-care and committing to trust and follow my intuition in the moment. It feels good.


Thankfully, my Mum-in-law gifted me a signed copy of this wonderful book, which I've been devouring in my down-time. In it, Trish offers such beautiful tips on trusting our naturally intuitive hunches and accessing help from our Spirit guides. I've always been interested in these kinds of topics and this book is so down-to-earth and just plain jolly uplifting to read. Visit Trish's website here.

One of the meditations in this book led me to experience some beautiful connections with Animal Spirits. I imagined a beautiful lush rainforest filled with brightly coloured flowers, lush foliage and rainbow lorikeets flying overhead. Some of these symbols have made their way into my latest easel painting.


As I've created, my paint palette has been filling with all these rich, luscious textures. I Love the spontaneity of a paint palette ... It's not about composition or anything mindful, just memories of paint as a springboard for transformation. Easy expression.


Between family cuddles with my little guy and pottering around the house, I've received some absolutely beautiful print samples and had space to update my Gift Shop with colourful new offerings. This self-care time-off has been such a true blessing in so many ways. 


So here I am on a Saturday afternoon, having a lovely rest in my comfortable room. I am feeling blessed for the small things and feeling stronger in my body and Spirit, as if they are infusing my cells with gratitude for self-care.


This Artsy Mumma has come a loooong way.

All my Love,  

Chrissy xx

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