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New Art Releases - Inner Spaciousness

This week for me has been all about cultivating a sense of free-flowing spaciousness from within. It has felt so, so beautiful to meditate twice daily and experience a slow, but sure gentle buzz of calm spreading within me. Just ten minutes when I wake up and before bed is beginning to make all the difference to my day. Even if I'm cranky, even that's okay to feel and let pass. This feels good.

So, this fortnight's new Art Releases are dedicated to celebrating and cultivating the Freedom of Inner Spaciousness ...

'Poppy Meadow' is a beautifully freeing, expressive piece I created in the sunshine one morning on my back porch. I loved watching the inky colours merge and flow on the page, as they effortlessly moved with the forces of nature that day.

Original Artwork $245. Prints from $40. HERE.

'Meeting Myself' is a simple, yet beautiful piece. It symbolises connecting with the seemingly opposing parts of myself and loving them all, as they are all part of my wholeness, just like the branches of a tree.

Original Artwork $245. Prints from $40. HERE.

'Surrender into Miracles' is an Artwork I created during a time when I felt unsure and scared in my Life. I knew I needed to make changes for the better, but I didn't know how.

Finally, I surrendered my needs to the Universe and let go of the reins ... and only from this place, did my transformation truly begin to unfold.

Original Artwork $315. Prints from $40. HERE.


All my Love,

Chrissy xx

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