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Thoughts on Claiming Dreams

I've started a beautiful month-long Art biz course with the magical Alena Hennessey this week. One of the topics we've cracked open is claiming our deep and true desires ...


I have always been a big dreamer, which for me means living each day with a little ounce of fear in my heart that I'll never get around to doing it all. You know what? The simple truth is I probably won't ... So maybe it's time I made a real go of my long term heart-string desires.

For me, making big dreams happen often starts with a big declaration. Not just personally in my own journal, but also aloud, where it matters, with others. It's easy to flit with ideas ourselves, but once we share them - then there's some accountability involved.

So with colourful butterflies in my heart, I hereby share my big dreams with you here: 

1) I want to make an inspiring intuitive card-deck (+ possibly matching journals / notebooks) featuring my Artworks and Spirited messages of self-love.

2) I want to publish a book.  Something to do with cultivating Art and Expressive Intuition, with lots of beautiful, full colour pictures.

3) I want to have at least three shows a year, including group / solo gallery exhibitions and at least one interstate / internationally every second year.

4) I want to paint for at least two hours every week, just for me, just because I love it.

5) I want to work an inspiring part-time kiddy-teaching job so that my finances are covered and my Art can flow freely from my heart.

So, there they are. The last two I'm already experiencing and now the others have entered the world as new seeds ready to bud. Let it be so.

All My Love,

Chrissy x

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